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Four Generations of Giving Back I GARDNERLOVE

Since 1943, locals have entrusted us with one of the most important purchases of a lifetime- a home.  When you do business with a Gardner Realtor, you enable us to continuously give back to our communities we love and serve! 

A Place to Call Home

We support many causes in our communities, and one that we have a special passion for is helping the homeless. The comfort of a safe place to call home is something everyone should have and many of us take for granted.  We have partnered with the New Orleans Mission  through The Gertrude Gardner Foundation to end homelessness in our areas.

Through our continued partnership, our real estate family supports the Mission's endeavors to improve our city. Recently, we helped purchase a building, now named The Gardner Cottage(pictured to the right), which has expanded the Women’s Center from 16 beds to 32! 

By choosing a GARDNER REALTOR, you are providing people with basic needs as they get back on their feet- food, shelter, medical care, counseling, and most importantly, HOPE!  And our hope is that one day, they can experience the joy that comes with having a home of their own. 


“It all simmers down to love... Love of people, love of your business, love of your family, you know, just love.” - Mrs. Gertrude Gardner, our Founder in 1943. 


See how GARDNERLOVE has improved our communities this past year!



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Meet Our Executive Team

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The GARDNER SOLD DOME is our mascot, which is present at philanthropic and community-oriented events all around town.

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